Becoming A Self-Sustaining Remote Mountain Community



The Rim Country’s future as a resilient remote mountain community is of practical interest to everyone in the Rim area. Transition Town Payson is committed to a naturally sound and economically sustainable Rim Country recovery from problems caused by worldwide circumstances, thought by some to be well beyond our control. However, we embrace a positive attitude, and believe that there are things that can be done. In this spirit we invite you to learn about Transition Town Payson, to share our commitment to a healthy future, and how we can act together with hope. Transition Towns are locally open and globally independent. Transition activities are home grown efforts without any particular political or religious affiliation. The focus is on community building endeavors in response to the serious world-changing events that we are facing. The process is guided by the successful experiences of transition towns worldwide.

We are blessed with clear lakes and a ponderosa pine forest in the Rocky Mountains. However, a reality is that it’s at least 70 miles in every direction to and from our primary sources of food, liquid fuel and many commercial commodities. We’re an oasis with a long supply line. Considering the state of the world beyond our remote mountain sanctuary, its common sense to be aware of how easily our supply lines may be interrupted by both natural and manmade problems.

So how do we learn to become a self-sustaining remote mountain community? How do we build a lifeboat? The Rim Country has a history of people familiar with living in harmony with the land. From this perspective and from our diverse community knowledge we know what needs to be done. The idea is to help make our best ideas work together for our mutual interest, to bring the kinds of changes that create resilient and enriched living, here in Rim Country and around the world.

Transition Town encourages cooperative interaction between our diverse community organizations, our small businesses, our education system and our local leadership. It welcomes involvement of all Rim Country residents — as individuals, or as families, organizations, churches, neighborhoods, schools. Participation is encouraged from all age groups. Our younger citizens have much to give, and the most to gain by building a sustainable future. Those of us who are retired have an opportunity to share the harvest of our lives. Initial transition groups include: Energy, Food, Education, Economics, Conservation, Communications and Transportation.

In conclusion, please consider that we’re each a part of the natural planetary engine in which we exist. We have collective skills and energy, and relatively untapped resources. Let’s put our heads and our hearts together to do what clearly needs to be done!

For a deeper understanding of Transition Town Payson, please visit

If you or your group would like to share your experience, strength and hope, please contact:

Monte McCord, alternative energy, (928) 468-1852; John Hurlburt, community outreach, (928) 468-6572; Rob Ingram, Web site, (928) 474-4849; Susan Frank, Web site, (928) 476-4090; Dean Gooding, gardening, (928) 424-8005.

Transition Town Payson


don evans 3 years, 10 months ago

Buyer beware. This is a Global Extreme Environmental organization. See the blog post under community discussions, Roundup Blog, dated 3-14-13. RE: Transition Town Payson for the big picture of their political agenda world wide.


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