Look At The Scenarios



President Obama is back on the campaign trail trying to secure backing for his anti-gun proposals, which he knows won’t pass Congress and for good reason.

His three main objectives are to ban the sale of “assault” weapons (semi-automatic rifles which have cosmetics to make them look like military style weapons), universal background checks and limited magazine capacities.

The president is from Illinois where Chicago has some of the most restrictive laws in the nation and where the murder rate is the highest in the nation.

His track record as a senator has consistently shown his voting to be anti-gun. He did nothing in his first term to make our schools and public places safer. Since he is a lame duck and can ride on the emotions resulting from the recent unthinkable and horrendous mass murders by mentally sick people, he figures now is the perfect time to weaken our Second Amendment rights.

Let’s propose scenarios involving magazine capacities. Recently a housewife and child in Atlanta, cowering in an attic crawl space, emptied her six shot revolver at a home invader threatening them. After being hit five times, he was able to escape and drive away. Six shots was not enough! What if the man was on drugs fueled by adrenaline and oblivious to pain and bent on murder. Six shots would not be enough!

Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, believes that all you need are six shots. Under duress and not being an expert marksman, would you be able to stop two or three perpetrators with six shots or the 10 shots Obama is proposing?

How about the scenario where a law-abiding citizen is faced with protecting his life and the lives of his family and his property against looters and killers on drugs following a natural disaster? How many rounds in a clip are enough? How many rounds are enough to protect yourself from several illegals with drugs trafficking through your property across our open borders?

With more than 300 million guns in circulation in this country, we need action yesterday not generations down the road. We need armed security in our schools, mental health laws revamped, enforcement of laws already on the books and a right to carry.

Look at the facts! Where law-abiding citizens can carry concealed, the violent crime rate is down considerably. Who is carrying out these heinous murders? — Mentally ill people. Where are these murders committed? — In gun free zones. What weapons are used? — Not military style rifles.

Get it right Obama! More restrictive gun laws are not going to keep the more than 300 million guns in circulation and in private collections out of the hands of thieves and murderers. Your proposals will just make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves.

Let’s enforce background checks at gun shops, gun shows and in private sales. We do not want a national registry. Look what Adolf Hitler was able to do with a comprehensive list of gun owners — Confiscation.

Steve Sundra


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