Payson Approves Another Stop Sign On Easy Street


The Payson Town Council last week voted a rare approval for a new, all-direction stop sign — this one at the T-intersection where Bradley Drive meets Easy Street.

Residents irritated by speeding drivers often ask for stop signs and speed bumps in residential areas, but Payson Public Works Director LaRon Garret rarely recommends approval.

However, on Thursday he recommended the stop signs on both Bradley and on Easy Street.

Normally, traffic experts only want stop signs on the street dead-ending into the street that continues at a T-intersection.

However, in this case Bradley provides the only exit for 230 lots in the Alpine Heights subdivision and often carries just as much traffic at Easy Street.

Garrett noted that a traffic speed study showed that drivers weren’t generally speeding — with 85 percent driving between 29 and 35 miles an hour on Easy Street.

“Residents were concerned about speeding — but speeds weren’t really excessive,” said Garrett.

However, Garrett said the almost-equal traffic volume on the two streets could justify stop signs on both streets.

“This is the only intersection on the road that leads out to the highway that doesn’t have an all-direction stop,” said Garrett.

Resident Roger Lee Williams urged the council to approve the extra stop sign. “I’ve talked to people all up and down the street and things can get pretty out of hand.”

Councilor Fred Carpenter then asked Garrett how often he’d recommended approval of citizen-initiated stop sign requests.

“This is the first time,” conceded Garrett.

Councilor Su Connell said she drives Easy Street every day, where three stop signs already slow traffic.

“I don’t think it’s necessary, but I guess I can support it,” she said.

With that, the council approved an additional stop sign on a 7-0 vote.


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