Judge Reprimanded For Sexist Comments



A Globe judge has been reprimanded for judicial misconduct after reportedly making sexist comments during a staff meeting.

The Commission on Judicial Conduct Feb. 27 found Judge Gary Goetteman violated multiple rules of professional conduct, including courteousness to staff. The commission ordered him to improve workplace conditions in his court.

The commission began its investigation after receiving reports from several members of the Globe court staff, according to the commission’s order.

During a staff meeting, Goetteman said in part, “Some of the most profane, manipulative and backstabbing people I’ve worked with have been women. Men tend to get physical and just hit you,” the commission found.

“Whatever Judge Goetteman’s subjective intent in making this statement, it objectively manifested gender bias in violation of Rule 2.3,” wrote Commission Chairman Louis Frank Dominguez.

Rule 2.3 in the Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits judges from using works or engaging in conduct that manifests bias or prejudice based on gender.

In a response from his attorney, Goetteman denied the allegations. “The ongoing attempts by Judge Goetteman to establish policies and procedures for his court ... has unfortunately resulted in these unfounded allegations being raised against Judge Goetteman,” wrote attorney Steve Little.

Goetteman had until Thursday to appeal the decision, but did not.


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