Why Is It Taking So Long To Bring Murder Case To Trial?



I wonder how long it will take Sharrod Stone to go on trial as he’s involved the death of two people.

Probably longer than the murder trial of Gasoa Balas because the excuse the DA’s office will give it involves two deaths. And keep in mind it’s not a murder case.

Gasoa Balas’ trial for murder of his 2-year-old daughter was set to begin Jan. 1 and was rescheduled to the end of January.

It’s now mid March and no word from the DA’s office when the trial will begin.

The people in the Rim Country and Payson should be asking hard questions of the DA himself. Why is it taking so long to bring the murder case to trial? And see if the DA replies himself and not an assistant DA. If he passes on to an assistant, saying he’s too busy at this time to reply, that will tell you what he thinks about the importance of the case.

William Clayton


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