At The Movies-Snitch

Johnson good in lead role


What would you do if you could get out of jail by telling on other criminals?

For Jason Collins (Rafi Gavron), this option is presented after he is arrested for drug distribution, after being set up by a ‘friend’ who took this choice. Although, when Jason is presented with this option by the federal prosecuting attorney, he cannot or will not do it.

Instead, his dad, John Matthews (Dwayne Johnson), decides that he will take the risks necessary to get his son out of 10 years in prison. Matthews finds that what he thought would be a simple task in order to save his son ends up being a very dangerous journey as he works toward setting up major drug cartels.

With the help of his employee Daniel (Jon Bernthal), John assumes the risks of driving drugs and money to help federal attorney Joanne Keeghan (Susan Sarandon) catch the drug dealers.

The role of John Matthews was perfect for Dwayne Johnson. It was just the sort of role that you expect to see him in, and he did a very good job at acting. Susan Sarandon also did well as the federal attorney, although her character was not well liked. As for the other characters such as the drug dealers, I felt that they were quite terrifying.

There were some special effects in the movie that were done well, however they were not the main focus of the movie, as the action that contained them was sparse. Most of what could be considered the special effects included stunts, as in the case with a semi-truck rollover. The movie relied more on the storyline than on the special effects. It was more effective this way, as dialogue was more efficient toward getting the point of the story across, which is unusual for an action movie.

I went to see Snitch expecting to see a good action movie. However, I left disappointed. While there was some action, it was not the sort of action that I enjoy, such as James Bond or Mission Impossible. Instead it offered a gratuitous shoot-’em-up type of movie, which makes for a less enjoyable experience and a lot of cringing.

Overall, I was not all that pleased with Snitch. It had no real appeal and was not that entertaining. It was the sort of movie that I don’t really want to see again, and don’t recommend.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Jack slays at the box office

Anthony Tantimonaco

Teen Reviewer

Jack the Giant Slayer is a new take on the old classic Jack and the Beanstalk. On its opening weekend alone, “Jack” made $9.84 million, and continues to make more. Jack the Giant Slayer had a great story line, great graphics, and great acting. This movie is one to see for all ages looking for a great flick.

Now this movie has a lot of familiar faces, for instance Ian McShane stars as King Brahmwell. Ian McShane you might recognize from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides or as the voice of Shifu in Kung-fu Panda. Most people don’t know this, but Ian McShane was the narrator in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

This movie also stars the upcoming star Nicholas Hoult. Nicholas Hoult is recognized from the movies Warm Bodies and X-Men First Class. This movie also features Ewan McGregor, the famous man who stared in the role of Obi-Won Kenobi, in the second and third Star Wars episodes. Now while his acting as Obi-Won is great, I feel that he did a better job acting in this movie.

If you are the person that likes the classic fairy tales the way they are, I would not recommend this movie, but if you like to see new changes to an old tale, or are just into mythical creatures, I would recommend that you see this movie.


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