Community Waking Up After Winter

Visiting Christopher Creek during spring break were (from left) Simon Cordero; Kaydn Graff, 5; Mark Graff; Maren Graff; Aime Graff, 9; Madelyn Melser, 11; Karalyn Melser; Magee Melser, 8; and Emily Graff, 7.

Visiting Christopher Creek during spring break were (from left) Simon Cordero; Kaydn Graff, 5; Mark Graff; Maren Graff; Aime Graff, 9; Madelyn Melser, 11; Karalyn Melser; Magee Melser, 8; and Emily Graff, 7.


Christopher Creek appeared as if it were waking up after a long winter’s sleep. Businesses reopening, people roaming the town, part-time residents discovering plumbing failures were the themes last weekend.

Four brave young fellas, up for a spring break weekend, inquired about a camping site and were directed up See Canyon to the end of FR 284. That must have been a chilly adventure.

Four young gals stopped by the Landmark Saturday morning to purchase long-sleeved shirts. They, too, were here for spring break. One might wonder if they ever ran into the four brave young fellas.

There was a group of hikers staying at Simon Codero’s A-frame on Uphill Drive. In the Graff family were Kadyn, 5, Aime, 9 almost 10, Emily, 7 going on 8, and parents Mark and Maren, no ages given. Also in the group were Madelyn, 11, Magee, 8 going on 9, and their mom, Karalyn, again, no age given. They stopped for a brief rest and a photo-op alongside of Grey Hackle. They seemed like a great bunch of kids who didn’t want to be their real age!

Sophie, 7, and Maggie, 10, daughters of Jay and Lisa Smith on Columbine Road, spent their spring break shopping at Tall Pines Market and enjoying the weather.

Angel Castillo, along with Brandi and daughters Paige and Savoi, were enjoying their return to the Creek. They have been coming up from the Valley off and on all winter and are happy the snow is gone.

Julia Hoste, 10, got to come visit her grandparents out on Colcord Road for her spring break. She dined on a large, soft pretzel Friday evening.

Cabin rentals must have been good as there were numerous families and couples enjoying the blue skies and rushing waters here in the Creek.

Many lasting memories are formed on one’s first visit here.

The Louchs, Ron and Rhonda, came up to the Creek last weekend, for the first time this year. The Dodsons, who live just a little bit farther down Columbine Road, made their second appearance this year. Their first trip was marred by plumbing issues. Dean debuted the “Red Sled” — his four-wheeler — all dressed out with a bright red wrap. Hanging from the rear bumper is a large stuffed red M&M. Guess that has something to do with some guy named Kyle. Genny says she already has Dean lined out on decorations for the parade. Preparations for the cart parades have become a year-round endeavor, it seems.

Shirley Broadston, Olive Matus, Dean Shields, Dale and Nancy Ashby, Deanna White, Pat Woolsey, Margo Holmes, Karen Thornton, Jo Armistead and I met on the patio at the Landmark Saturday afternoon. Shirley had a tour of the service station and Tall Pines Market and Olive stopped by Creekside to check in and say “hello” prior to joining the others for lunch. It is always a treat to see some of those who lived, worked and played in the Creek in years past.

Good to see Mimi Tidwell back home in the Creek.

Back in the day, the Apache renegades visited Isador Christopher. It wasn’t a pleasant visit we’re told, but may have been the first of many major recorded events in the history of Christopher Creek. Zane Grey rode through here a time or two. In 1965, the paved highway came through. In 1970, Norma, or what was left of her, visited the Creek. She caused death and destruction. In 1975, the aliens visited and abducted this fella, or maybe just took him for a little ride. In 1990, the Dude tried his best to come to the Creek, but was turned away by a change in the weather and the valiant efforts of some brave firefighters. Eight or nine years back, the Rodeo-Chediski ... “whoa!” you say ... back up! What was that about the aliens?

Well, sometime in the early ’70s, this fella named Travis Walton claimed he was abducted by alien beings just six miles due north of the town of Christopher Creek. That’s right, the Creek was the closest town to that spot on top of the Rim, on Turkey-Beaver ridge, north of FR 300, on the first road to the west of Promontory Lookout, where the abduction occurred. Now, in the book and in the movie, starring James Garner as the sheriff, not one word was mentioned about Christopher Creek. Sure, there was a lot about Snowflake, where the fella lived and there was a lot more about Heber, where the fella showed up days later. Shouldn’t tell you this, but it was night, it was raining and he was naked and in a phone booth. But, there was not one little mention of Christopher Creek at all, but maybe, just maybe, we’re better off for it ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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