Rv Parking Decreases Value Of Homes



The recent article in the Roundup this past week concerning the RV parking protest really concerned me. I live in Alpine Village, which used to be one of the best neighborhoods in Payson. It now has a reputation of being nicknamed Alpine Village Trailer Park. Since the economy took a dive, the increase of trailers and RVs in front yards and on the street has increasingly grown.

I do not blame the town council referring it back to planning and zoning, because it is a definite problem.

Our neighborhood (developed in the ’90s) does not have an HOA, so the only thing that we have to rely on is the Planning and Zoning Department.

The value of homes has significantly decreased due to the economy. In addition, the excessive amount of trailers and RVs in front yards and streets further decrease the value of our homes. If planning and zoning changes its ordinances to allow trailers to be parked anywhere, neighborhood homes without HOAs will continue to decrease further in value.

I highly urge the Planning and Zoning Department to take this matter seriously. I was always taught that if I have a complaint, I need to offer a solution. My only suggestion is that RVs and trailers are stored out of sight of the visual view of the front of the residential home or in an RV garage or pad. Otherwise, place them back in authorized storage facilities.

Rebecca Vaught


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