Useless Codes



The story of RV parking in areas the Town of Payson considers the town’s right-of-way appeared in the March 12 Roundup. Citizens at the town council meeting pointed out there was widespread ignorance and disregard for the intent of the code and the enforcement of such.

I think we can all agree that when a large number of people live in a defined area there must be rules to govern actions for the common good of all. In towns and cities these rules are usually set in codes. The Town of Payson apparently developed a code to address the parking of RVs in its jurisdiction. By the number of violations reported, it appears the code was not enforced for some time.

When you have a set of rules but never enforce them, in effect you do not have those rules. Rules need enforcement to be effective. The Town of Payson would do well to review its codes and only keep those it is willing to enforce.

We’ve all seen violations around town and I believe our town would look a lot more inviting if we had fewer codes and enforced the ones we had.

Tom Loeffler


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