Looking For Lost Truck



Hello residents of beautiful Payson. I lived for a summer with my grandparents in Payson before they passed more recently. When I was about 16 (1999-2000) my grandmother sold my Papa’s prized, beat-up 1968-70 (not quite sure of exact year) Ford F100 pickup, due to his Alzheimer’s and seizures. My Papa bought it new from the dealer in Costa Mesa, Calif., he had worked for and put a Mustang 428 in it.

The truck had been rolled, beaten up, but we didn’t want it sold. Now, I want to find it and restore it. She sold it to a young Payson guy who lived close to us (across the street from the three-domed middle school, East Frontier Street) and for 600 bucks he drove it away.

Though I’m certain he took the engine and scrapped the truck, I want it nonetheless. It would be a white, long bed F100, pretty beaten up. I will offer a reward of $200 for any information that leads me to its owner and location.

Thanks for any help,

I’m excited to come home from Afghanistan in July, and bring the truck back to California and rebuild it.

My name is Anthony, and my e-mail is airborne949@yahoo.com

Sgt. Anthony Livano


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