Thrilled With Awareness Given Suicide By Article



As a mother of a daughter, and her boyfriend, who committed suicide, I just want to say I was thrilled at your front page article about Lost Loves.

It is my experience that no one really understands until they have walked the path and I am eternally grateful that Bits and Janine are serving loved ones in this way.

It can be such a lonely path and to be able to speak of your loved one and say their name, is so very healing.

Yes the stigma is there, but there are also loving, caring, nonjudgmental people who are open to listen. It has been many years for me, yet in a heartbeat the grief can raise its painful head.

Thank you again for addressing this most untalked about issue and just to say ... her name was Yonna and she was just 18 years old.

Kathy Lovetro


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