What’S Wrong Here?



After taking this newspaper for the last two years I actually believe the editor is from another planet. He lets people voice their opinions, even opposing ones.

So what we don’t have here is a Main Stream Media (aka MSM). Where I moved from, Phoenix to here, that was unheard of.

I’m used to lopsided editorials, not “fair ones.” Somebody down south needs to take a lesson from this newspaper’s equal opportunity editorials and maybe their paper wouldn’t have shrunk to the size of a “weekly shopper.”

I’m going to re-enlist. Think I’ll stick around and enjoy the show.

Dell Owens, ex-flatlander


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 10 months ago

Mr. Owens, I couldn't agree more with your observations. The Roundup is an exception to most of the print media, especially that in larger metropolitan environs. While those of us here who avail ourselves to voice our views in the Roundup can often create lively disagreements, at least we are having a dialogue and that is in large part to the Roundup allowing all voices and positions to be aired.


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