Fallacies And Fooleries



“When the two theories have the same evidence they must both be accepted at equal value.” This is the first of letter writer Pete Greer’s many logical fallacies and fooleries. Two theories, in dramatic contradiction, one scientific, one mythological, must each be given equal respect as long as they are both based on the same evidence?

“Manipulating the genetics of a kind (or form) of life has never caused a new kind to appear.” By this does he mean, like, trying to cross-breed a duck with a crocodile and getting a “crockoduck” in Kirk Cameron’s brilliant formulation? Do creationists forward such infantilisms as serious arguments?

Evolution, Greer says, “has to violate the Cell Theory and The Law of Biogenesis in order to be true.” What does he mean by “Cell Theory” in this context and how does evolution violate it? I’m guessing “Law of Entropy” refers to the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Pete, you might check with Answers in Genesis, “Arguments we think creationists should no longer use.” Even AiG recognizes the folly of the Second Law argument. It has been thoroughly and repeatedly discredited for 40 years.

“Concerning DNA, we know that all information codes come from a source of intelligence and this is without exception.” Really? Who is the “we” referred to here? It can only be the creationist community, which has been somewhat behind the curve on all this for thousands of years. How does “we” know it, or know anything. Because the Bible tells them so.

And because the Bible is the Word of God. But how do they know that?

Paul Eric Collier


don evans 3 years, 9 months ago

Well, didn't the brilliant all knowing scientists of the past tell us the world was flat and you could sail off the edge. And that the Earth was the center of the universe and the sun revolved around the Earth? They even made official maps depicting this. So much for science knowing the answers.


Pete Greer 3 years, 9 months ago

I would like to clarify some things and respond to your questions. Common evidence is the geologic column. Uniformitarianism has faded into the background and punctuated equilibrium seems to be in favor among most evolutionists. Biblical creationism holds to the formation of most of the sedimentary layers as the result of a world wide flood. The interpretation of the layers is driven by 2 opposing world views. It happened in the past. Who is to say one is scientific and one is mythological. I have explained the evidence from the biblical view in a past letter so I'll just say that thick folded layers with no evidence of heating are found in the Grand Canyon and other places all over the earth. All cells come from existing cells is the part of the cell theory that evolution must violate. You skipped the Law of Biogenesis that simply says that living things are only produced by other living things. AIG suggests refraining from using the 2nd Law as a consequence of the fall of man in the garden. I did not use it this way. I say that a world that is going from organized to chaotic as a result of the 2nd Law and the Law of Entropy cannot keep producing more complexity in organization through chance and random processes. Since my statement on information and intelligent sources said "without exception", all you have to do is state one exception to falsify my statement. I would like to see that example rather than the intellectual put down that you resorted to. In 1618 Johannes Kepler published the 3rd of three laws of planetary motion still used today. This pioneer of the scientific method said the chief aim of science is to discover God's workings. He believed a rational intellect put nature in order so that we can learn about God by looking on His creation. If he was thousands of years behind I would like to know who was thousands of years ahead of him. Finally, we can know the Bible is true by looking at the fulfilled prophecies, knowing that archaeology repeatedly confirms its history, seeing that modern day biblical content matches that found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and many other fragments and scrolls preserved from biblical times. Last but not least the concept of kinds found in the first chapter of Genesis is still the best depiction of what we observe in the world today. I hope I have added clarity in my answers to your objections and questions.


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