Re: Problems With Creationism



Oh the arrogance of man. If there is a creation there must be a creator. You can separate it and call creationism a “theory” and put science on a pedestal, but eventually science always proves true what God has always known.

Call it what you will, but truth is always truth whether fools accept it or not.

Nancy Gartner


will fraser 3 years, 9 months ago

Well then. Who created the creator? You should look up the scientific definition of theory. Evolution is, creationism isn't 't. Since most mainstream Christian churches support science and evolution and oppose creationism, it looks like there is some arrogance going on somewhere. (NCSE website church statements). Attacking logic and reason in the name of ones faith, now that's arrogant. I suggest you look up the term creantionism.Creationism refers to those who want to insert magic into science, not people of faith. Who's the fool now?


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