A Treat For Easter From The Fireflies Cookbook


The month of March is just about history with only this week left, but it is a very important Holy Week for Christians as well as for the Jewish community celebrating Passover. The Easter season has become so commercialized that the real reason for the holiday is just about lost. I realize that children eagerly wait for the Easter Bunny and baskets full of candy and hunting for eggs with money in them, but it is the responsibility of parents to teach their children the real meaning for the holiday season.

It is heartening to know that the television series “The Bible” has been so successful. The Bible may be hard to read and understand for some people and to see the Bible come to life can be much easier to understand.

This week is also a time for families to get together to enjoy a feast of great food, which brings up what I said last week, a recipe from the Hellsgate Auxiliary’s cookbook, “Fireflies Can Cook.”

This is one of my recipes and it is so easy and quick to prepare. The recipe is called:

Make Your Own Turtles

Cover a whole pecan with 1/2 of a caramel, put in a 300-degree oven for a few minutes to allow the caramel to melt. Take it out and put one Hershey square (from a small bar) on top. Pop back in the oven and let it melt. Watch it so they don’t burn, it only takes a few minutes, layer on a wire rack to cool and enjoy.


Since next week is the start of April, the Hellsgate Fireflies will begin holding open public meetings. The April meeting will be at 10 a.m., Saturday, April 13 at the Hellsgate fire station in Tonto Village. Coffee and donuts will be available. The meeting is an experiment to give the people who work during the week a chance to come and check out what the Fireflies are planning for the coming season and will be open to suggestions for fund-raisers.

The Hellsgate Fire board will be holding its next meeting at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 10 at the Star Valley fire station. The meeting is open to the public and questions can be asked during the call to the public.

The Wildland Refresher Class will be offered on Saturday, April 6 at Rumsey Park. You must call (928) 478-4011 to register for the class, and then sign up at Rumsey Park by 8:15 a.m. Bring $5 for lunch.

The application for captain has been closed and the testing will be on May 1, 2 and 3 for agility, skill, a written exam and an oral review. The testing will be held at station #21.

Beginning April 1, applications will be taken for reserve firefighters. Call Karen at the office at (928) 474-3835 or check out the Web site for the application at www.hellsgatefire.com.

Staffing of station #22 is still an on-and-off situation because of budget constraints. There are residents in the Tonto Village area who will want burn permits to clear their properties when they come to their cabins for the summer, as of now, the burn permits are being issued from station #21 in Star Valley. Call Karen at (928) 474-3835 for the permit.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

On April 3, Bill Fausz of Thompson Draw I adds another candle to his birthday cake. Bill has been a great help to the Hellsgate Fireflies during fund-raising events. He is very much appreciated for giving of his time to help.

On April 4, Melvin Palmer will celebrate his big day. Melvin is a moving force for his church (LDS) and in his community in Christopher Creek. Have a wonderful day, Melvin.

On April 7 Eileen Kittock of Christopher Creek celebrates her birthday. Eileen is an avid dominoes player with the gals in Tonto Village during the winter and in summer, plays with the ladies in Christopher Creek.

Margot Holmes, also of Christopher Creek, adds another candle on April 8. Have a great day, Margot.

Kent and Gail Mortenson of the Village and the Valley will celebrate 37 years of marriage on April 10. Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple. Enjoy your special day.


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