What Is The World Coming To?



One writer correctly points out the mostly unreported illegal gun confiscation in New Orleans during Katrina, when Bush was president. The purchase by the current regime of more than a billion rounds of ammunition, among other things, which it refuses to answer questions about, and should give you concern about what this out-of-control regime is going to do next.

Another writer claims a private university in Arizona got $1 billion in Pell Grants in 2010. First, Pell Grants are awarded to qualifying students, not schools, and they must requalify every year. Second, since Pell Grants go to highly performing students, most of them graduate. Third, that school would have had to have 258,732 Pell Grant students at the average grant of $3,865, or 180,180 students receiving the maximum grant of $5,500 to get $1 billion.

My last comment is to the climate change letter. I do not know of anyone that denies natural climate change, as it has been happening since before recorded history. At one time, dinosaurs roamed tropical forests in Pennsylvania. At another time, there were glaciers covering much of the United States. As recently at the 1200s the Vikings were farming in Greenland. The same fear mongers hyping today’s “man-caused global warming” are the same phony “scientists” that were screaming about the coming ice age in the 1970s. They have gotten so desperate for government handouts that they now claim carbon dioxide, which is necessary for plants to live and produce the oxygen we need to breathe, is a pollutant!

What is the world coming to?

Dale Oestmann


don evans 3 years, 9 months ago

And, the Easter Bunny is an evil Christian symbol for elementary schools kids to look forward to at public schools activities. I say BS, and you Global secularists can kiss the rosie red. Man made global warming is more unproven science baloney.


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