Best Longhorn Lineup In Years

It’s great to be a Longhorn!

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With all four PHS teams, softball, baseball, track and field and golf, qualifying for state playoff berths, the 2013 spring sports season has been a banner one — probably the best in a decade.

It’s a given on the prep sports scene that the twisting, winding road that travels through the regular season is a treacherous route filled with pitfalls that stymie lesser teams. But this season, PHS athletes and their coaches have navigated it almost flawlessly.

The regular season journeys have afforded fans the privilege of cheering on some of the state’s finest athletes as they state perform on their chosen stage.

In softball, Arianna Paulson is a one-girl wrecking crew and Nick McMullen is Division III baseball’s home run champion. Sprinter Morgan Chilson owns the state’s fastest time in the 100 meters and sophomore golfer Dean Harpe has overcome youth and inexperience to become a state championship favorite.

Also on the Longhorn front, a supporting cast of dedicated student athletes has time and again stepped up to meet every challenge they’ve faced.

Most importantly about the student athletes we cheer on each day is that they are, for the most part, admirable teenagers deserving of our respect. Most will leave the sports arena armed with a strong work ethic that will help carry them through the trials and tribulations of adulthood.

For teens, the easy route through school would be to immediately after school scamper off the PHS campus retreating to friendly confines where they can indulge in video games, television, Tweet and text.

But today’s student athletes have made the much more difficult decision to dedicate those precious afternoon, weekend and holiday hours to a more amirable pursuit — representing themselves, their family, school and community in the athletic arena.

We salute the PHS student athletes for their dedication,

commitment and sacrifices.

Thank you for the great memories.


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