Get To Know Some Of The Lady Longhorns


The girls varsity softball team kindly answered a few questions for the Roundup to let the readers know a little about them as they head off to the state championships this weekend.


Taylor Peterson

TAYLOR PETERSEN Senior • Catcher

Her favorite athlete is “Jason Witten because he is a beast and an amazing player.”

Her younger sister Payton backs her up on the team by covering the catching position if Taylor can’t make the game. The two sisters have a brother.

Her favorite snack before a game is a sweet tea from McDonald’s and her favorite class in school is sports literature.

She has played club softball since she was 11 years old.

Her fondest memory of the season was winning the Gracie Lee Haught tournament.

The superstitious thing she does before a game is the team prayer.


Megan Wessel

MEGAN WESSEL Senior • Shortstop

Her favorite athlete? Teammate Taylor Petersen, “She’s freaking amazing!”

But her twin sister, Kaitlyn, plays first base. “Rock on!”

She loves the color purple and her art class. The most memorable moment of the season for her was winning the Gracie Lee Haught tournament.

Before the game, the team prayer is a welcome ritual, along with a snack of peanut butter and granola bars.

Quotable quote: “I’m a twin. I don’t like wearing shoes, and I wish I was an elephant.”


Kaitlyn Wessel

KAITLYN WESSEL Senior • First base

She says the interesting things about her are: she loves to give hugs, loves laughing because it’s a workout and she wishes she was a giraffe.

Her favorite color is teal and her favorite class in school is math.

Before a game, she likes to snack on fruit, “especially strawberries.” To her, the prayer before the game with the team around home plate holding hands is a welcome ritual.

The athlete Missy Franklin inspires her because she puts her whole heart and soul into what she does.

The moments she most remembers from the season? “My fondest memory was hitting a grand slam out of my four years playing and winning the Gracie tournament.”

She says her team is her family and “that will never change.”


Sadie Dunman

SADIE DUNMAN Sophomore • Second base, pitcher

She loves playing sports because “it’s my life!” With two brothers, one who played baseball throughout his high school career and another who now plays basketball, sports runs in the family.

The athlete she admires is Kaitlyn Boyd because she is “an all-around amazing player — she can field and hit phenomenally and she’s never down on herself or her team.”

Her favorite class is English and her favorite colors are baby blue and teal.

She does not have a pre-game meal she likes above any other because she just loves food, but she’ll ALWAYS be wearing a bow — it’s a superstition.


Corey Barnett

CORI BARNETT Sophomore • Left field

Her favorite class is animal science ... or art, but she loves a Safeway sandwich before a game and the color teal.

She has played softball since the fifth grade, but played T-ball as a young kid. She said she has a sister who used to play ball.

Dallas Escobedo, the ASU pitcher, is her favorite athlete because, “she can get the job done.”

The ritual that gets her into the game? The pre-game prayer.

Favorite memory of the season: “When Jewel (Johnson) and I compared how many pretzels would fit in our mouths — 60.”


Payton Peterson

PAYTON PETERSEN Sophomore • Third base, catcher

Third base, catcher

The most memorable moment for her during the season? “Winning the Gracie tournament.”

She would like people to know she loves softball, hot pink and English.

Her favorite athlete is Brian Pruett “because he’s extremely attractive and a good baseball player.”

She has a brother and her sister Taylor plays on the team with her.

Before a game she loves to snack on a granola bar or strawberries, but she has to “make sure I have a bow,” for the game.


Ali Tenney

ALI TENNEY Sophomore • Outfield, base runner

She loves food, so her favorite memory of the past season shouldn’t be a surprise, “There were only a few of us on the bus ride home from the Wickenburg tournament and we shared ice cream and told stories the whole time.”

But before a game she keeps her meal light, like a ham and cheese sandwich with an apple.

She says her favorite color — right now — is red, but it could change in the next few weeks. Her favorite class — definitely history.

She strongly believes in the prayer the team says before the game, “I feel like I play better.”

She has two younger brothers who play baseball and a 4-year-old sister who loves being at the softball field and playing with the team.

Quotable quote: “I may seem quiet at first, but I only get weirder as you get to know me!”


Becky Bauer

BECKY BAUER Freshman • Center field

She loves softball, the color turquoise, and math and hopes to go to college on a softball scholarship. Before a game, she makes sure to have her favorite wristband/bracelet in her bag and if she has time to eat, she likes to snack on a turkey wrap.

Her favorite athlete is University of Alabama softball player Jackie Traina, “because she is an awesome pitcher.”

Her favorite times during the season? “It would have to be winning our Gracie tournament and beating Blue Ridge.”


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