Protecting Guns Instead Of People



The point of a gun buyback event is to get guns off the street. But, our own governor, Jan Brewer, just signed into law legislation to make the events pointless.

Several cities here in Arizona have conducted gun buyback events, and successfully collected hundreds of weapons. To ensure those weapons didn’t make it back into the hands of criminals, they were to be destroyed by local police departments. But, Arizona’s finger-wagging governor undermined all their efforts by mandating that surrendered weapons must be sold back to gun dealers, rather than being destroyed.

Arizona already has a law on the books requiring seized guns to be resold, but cities and counties argued that guns collected at buybacks didn’t fall under the law because they were voluntarily surrendered. Now, Brewer’s stricter mandate undermines local control and goes against the wishes of the people who surrendered their weapons to keep them off the street.

In addition to the resale legislation, the queen governor also signed a law that prohibits local towns and cities from collecting or storing any information about individuals that purchase or sell guns.

So, in one day, Jan Brewer went against the will of the people and mandated that cities can’t get weapons of war off their streets and then made it virtually impossible to track illegal gun sales.

Whose side is she on? And, what was she thinking?


Larry Brophy


Donald Cline 3 years, 8 months ago

Gee, Larry, why don't you look at the reality of the situation for a change? First, don't blame Governor Brewer; she didn't write the mandate: It was legislation supported by people like me, who believe 1) there is no problem with firearms "on the streets" as long as they are in the right hands, and 2) if they are sold to legitimate firearm dealers, the money is used to support the law enforcement agencies. This was the intent of the original legislation, but the hoplophobes in Tucson thought they were too special, being leftists, to follow the intent of the law, so the legislators had to make clear so even dummies could understand it. You want to support law enforcement don't you, Larry? Or are you just a hoplophobe too? Second, you complain about a law prohibiting cities and towns collecting and storing information about private citizens who purchase or sell guns. Don't you believe in privacy in the exercise of your rights, Larry? You think government should run a background check on you before you post a letter to this newspaper, lest you say something "unapproved" by the Minister for Information? Buying and selling personal property is a right, Larry. It is none of governments' business what financial transactions I engage in, so long as they are legal. Or are you just another Hitler, or Stalin, or Pol Pot, or Mussolini, who thinks no one should have the right to do anything without your permission?


Donald Cline 3 years, 8 months ago

Oh, I forgot to let you in on a little secret, Larry. Those gun buy-back programs aren't getting any guns off the streets. They are getting guns out of people's closets and attics and the like, guns who have never been used in crime and, left alone, would likely never be used in any crime. They are owned by people who know nothing about guns and care nothing about guns, and who care nothing about liberty, either, because they have never had to fight for it.. No legitimate gun owner, and no gun-toting criminal, are going to give up their working firearms for a gift card. Also, did you know that the only guns that ever make it in the door, for the most part, are the guns that no one in their right mind would want anyway? That's because law-abiding gun owners have made it a practice to visit those folks standing in line for the gun buy-back programs and offer them more money for the gun they are giving up than they will get from the buy-back program. Gun buy-back programs are a feel-good scam that accomplishes nothing, Larry, and are a waste of taxpayer's money.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years, 8 months ago

Hey Larry, where do you get the mistaken notion that criminals buy guns and from legal businesses? Criminals buy guns from the black market or they steal them. They do not buy guns from gun dealers. This law is a good one and kudos to Gov. Brewer for signing it into law!


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