Atf Form Extensive



Please explain to us what seven bits of information a letter writer recently complained about having to provide in addition to what is required in your letters policy ...

Information required on ATF form 4473 to buy a gun is as follows: full name, physical address, place of birth, height, weight, gender, date of birth — social security number is optional. Also required on the form: ethnicity, race, and then 12 questions concerning criminal history, drug use, domestic violence, citizenship and your signature.

No mention is made yet as to weapons — it takes another five pages to complete the application. This adds up to 21 bits of information, about half of what is required to get a top secret security clearance for the Air Force ...

I’d like to ask the writer — Why take things out of context or change the wording to suit your purpose? Driving a car, and/or owning a car are privileges and do not have a Constitutional guarantee — either federal or state.

What the NRA has said is that “until the federal government starts to prosecute the violations of 18USC sections 922 through 924, any new laws will be as meaningless.” In 2010 there were over 76,000 gun purchase denials for illegally attempting to purchase a firearm. This is a criminal act! Of these, only 62 were referred to federal prosecutors, 18 were denied prosecution and only 13 had guilty verdicts returned. And you feel that more laws are needed.

Why not scream for more and better prosecution and less persecution of the law abiding citizen?

Jim Gier


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