Taxpayers Should Know What They’Re Losing



I got wondering how much the people of Payson know about the beautiful facility that the school board is literally giving away. I’m sure that most people have never been there. The thought that we are letting a $6 million facility go for buttons is hard to understand.

When I saw your original article and the $38,000 to $50,000 annual cost of simply mothballing it for a while I felt certain that no one in his right mind would sell it. Essentially, what that means is that when we need it again, even if it were to be as far as 10 years down the road, we could “buy” it for no more than the $500,000 it cost us to keep it.

In my research I came across the photos of Frontier that the builder has on his site, photos that he uses to show how beautiful dome construction can be. They are truly impressive. How you or I would have loved going to a school that looked like that!

Here’s a link to the article and the photos:

I wonder what would happen if the Roundup let Paysonites see what they are losing? I think we would be doing this community a service if we could somehow cause the board to rethink the sale of Frontier.

Tom Garrett


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