Connect The Dots



Education is memorization of facts. Personal assumptions without facts are opinions. A post on the Internet is temporary. The written word if forever.

“… the State directs all education. The individual teacher has no independence ... Centralized control of textbooks has been an invaluable aid to the enforcement of official policy and the undermining of incipient criticism.” The New Totalitarians by Roaland Huntford 1971, pp.212, 213

The ability to sift through deeds, books, documents, declarations and legal mush is a real talent. Far too few have discovered real agendas. The mind-boggling, vastly researched three-article exposé on Common Core curriculum by, is a recent example of these talents. Matching records and documents to current events are what real investigative reporters do.

When Common Core, Agenda 21, sustainability, transition towns, etc. are compared to world history, only the ill-educated and uninformed, cannot connect the dots.

Meanwhile, thoughtless elected officials and camera-ready hirelings continue slobbering at the federal trough and marching in the party parade.

Sonni Huast


Dan Haapala 3 years, 8 months ago

I like what you wrote but would expand on your first sentence. Today your sentence is probably true and I saw it become a part of my younger brothers regular lessons. But Education isn't necessarily teaching. Teaching is more than filling voids with facts and youthful brains are full of voids needing filling. If; However, the teacher concentrates on finding the switch in the bottom of the void that stimulates and creates a thirst for learning the truth, then education has been successful. Otherwise it's only brain washing. Anyone can teach a dog to sit and do other tricks, show me the teacher than can teach a dog reason and learn and you have a teacher extrodinaire. Love the student and make them thirsty and if the student doesn't learn than the teacher hasn't taught.


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