Payson Unified School District Blues



What professional educator would want to be an administrator, teacher or coach in the Payson Unified School District (PUSD)? Seemingly indiscriminate terminations, reductions in force, and now transfers that are difficult to justify and/or understand, undermine the morale of employees. Our local school district seems to constantly be in turmoil. The blame for this incessant strife seems to emanate with the governing board, passes through whoever is the current superintendent and winds up adversely affecting PUSD staff and students.

Residents and taxpayers of PUSD cannot escape some blame for this situation. We continue to elect senators and representatives from our area and send them to Phoenix where they are not financially supportive of public education at the best or hostile to public education at the worst.

Sanity and improvement in our local school district will probably not occur until we allocate additional resources to our schools via the miserly Legislature and when the local governing board realizes that the group second in importance (after the students) to success in PUSD is the dedicated and hired staff that interacts with students each and every day.

Don’t bet the farm on either of the above occurring any time soon.

Richard K. Meszar


don evans 3 years, 8 months ago

And be thankful for it. For far way to long Government Schools have had little public input ( the customer) authority. It has been left to so called academic elites with their social justice agenda to set public education direction and policy. Just give us more taxpayer money and we can fix it never ending mentality. Of course, we need to expand even more our district administration positions with higher salary's. Interaction with students? How about indoctrination of students..........


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 8 months ago

We don't need anybody but ourselves to improve PUSD. We have a unique district and the people and the children are what matter here. This community has what it takes by working together. The adult talent pool here is simply amazing. We should have the very best technology for these children and they can educate themselves and actualize their full potential with minimal guidance, believe it or not. Everybody is not the same, nor should that be expected of them, it is cruel to try to make somebody into something they are not!


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