Dog Park Has Problems



The dog park is deplorable — when it rains or snows it becomes a mud hole because it is all dirt. There are no restrooms. There are those that suggested we use the library facilities. (Ya, sure.)

In the winter months there is no shelter from the elements. When that time of day comes around, our furry friends still let us know it’s dog park time.

We, their humans, are compelled to give in to our furry friends arriving at the park to stand in the mud over our shoes, no place to sit because there is no shelter. What chairs there are, are soaked with snow or covered in mud or broken.

During the monsoons we have had shards of glass and metal come up from the surface of the ground. Some say it’s because the site of the dog park was once an old landfill. I don’t know if that’s true or not, if not, where does the glass and metal come from?

There are weeds and foxtails and thorns that get into the ears, noses and feet of our dogs that cause costly vet bills that some can’t really afford.

Some of us have been cautioned by our vets not to bring our dogs to the dog park. What else can one do when it’s the only place to exercise our pets? It’s a fact that most dog owners won’t bring their dogs to the dog park because of the windblown dust and debris. Many of our days here are windy and it is very unpleasant for people with allergies or those who just don’t like having the windblown dust and dirt on their clothes, in their eyes and mouths. Keeping in mind that these dust particles contain dog urine and feces and could present a health hazard.

During the monsoons the street runoff is directed into the dog park creating at least two or more rushing rivers of polluted, muddy water across the park, that creates a large pool of standing water, that remains there for weeks or even months, depending on the weather conditions.

The parking area is dirt and not plowed in the winter. During the monsoon season it can be hubcap deep in places.

I had suggested they relocate the park, but opposition from frequent attendees resisted that effort. I want to thank all those that signed my petition.

John McCauley


Pat Randall 3 years, 7 months ago

Mr. McCauley, I suggest you keep your dog at home. The dog park was not built for people with restrooms and shelter from the elements. Stay at home when it is raining. What do you want? Ramadas with carpet and lounge chairs. I had a long comment and it went away so this will be short. If you are so miserable there, go somewhere else. There is a big open space on Tyler Parkway and we are surrounded by forest. Of course there is feces and urine in the ground. What did you think the park was for? The dogs to run around with their legs crossed. How much time, effort and money did you contribute to the dog park? Maybe you should stay home and you and the people you complain to at the park would both be happier.


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