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Your invitation to share thoughts about Roundup news, letters, and editorials is most welcome. The basic rules are quite clear, sensible, and reflect a platform of respect for all points of view.

Let me first explain the reasoning for my thoughts. My wife, Carole, and I spent 30 years RVing and have traveled almost everywhere in these beautiful states. Whenever we settled down in a campground we would always buy a copy of the local “bugle.” Almost always fun to read and, coupled with other campground visitors’ commentary, a great way to find out about local activities and thoughts. Although we did keep up with basic national and world events, we preferred to savor local color. We found local expressions often to be a delightfully different way of describing a situation or activity.

Probably the most difficult task for a local town editor is sifting out what is most important to his/her audience.

This Scribe’s preference is solely local news as there are so many other sources of “news,” much of which is repeated to excess and with unnecessary detail.

As far as the back-and-forth problem is concerned, perhaps one way to avoid extending controversial topics is inviting participants to continue presenting their thoughts through e-mail to one another. Some folks, maybe all, may object as they wish to have their views seen by the world. Politics and other hot-button topics are continually flogged to death in all media, and letters concerning same are a complete turnoff for me.

If there are so many “sensible letters” would it hurt if some spilled over onto the adjacent page? Limiting publishing for an individual to one a month would seem to stifle a reader’s output. Maybe an extensive letter should have its little column elsewhere. However, in my mind most letter writers could shorten their commentary and still make their point.

And, to answer your question, generally non-local topics are of little or no interest to me.

Hopefully you will get a lot of input in response to your editorial. We look forward to your sharing the results with us.

Carole and John Shevlin


Donald Cline 3 years, 7 months ago

Well, folks, with all due respect for your personal preferences, which have their own benefits and penalties, I would suggest that if you can't gin up some interest for national issues -- like the Marxist Mafia-infested federal government, for example -- you will be quite surprised one day when your RV encounters a roadblock checkpoint established to ascertain whether you have a government-approved reason for crossing a State line or Homeland Security District, and whether you might have any government-disapproved contraband in your RV, such as firearms, ammunition, documents espousing liberty or dissent against totalitarian government, or especially anything derogatory about Dear Leader. Don't worry. Be happy. Move along, folks, nothing to see here.


don evans 3 years, 7 months ago

All those problems will be cured just as soon as we are issued our National ID cards...


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