Arts, Crafts & Brats, Along With Murder & Mayhem Tomorrow


Christopher Creek’s wildflower season has commenced, with the purple-flowered lupines leading the way. There are bachelor buttons, the bottlebrush, and the little white ones. It’s still a little early for the columbine along the creek, but the ones in Karen’s side yard are lookin’ good. It’s early, too, for mullein. The broad, fuzzy leaves are just forming and the stalk is just starting to sprout. It will shoot up to three to four feet tall and have tiny yellow flowers. You probably know it by its other name ... cowboy toilet paper.

You could hear the drone of the slurry bombers this weekend, which is a grim reminder of the tenuous period we are in for the next six weeks. One fire on the Rim last Saturday was getting the air attack attention while a smaller fire on FS 405 in the Thompson Draw/Little Green Valley area was dispatched in short order. Again, a number of abandoned campfires were also attended to.

New to the area

We would like to welcome this year’s local camp hosts. Up at Sharp Creek Campground, first-year hosts are Raymond and Freida Steele from Cottonwood. They are motor home and fishing enthusiasts. Freida reports the campground was full this past weekend. Down in Christopher Creek Campground, we met Sherry and Mick Teitgen from the Bay area who are first-year hosts, as well. Sharing the duties are Paula Owen and Beverly Smith out of Washington State. Thirty cars stopped to inquire about availability after the “campground full” sign was posted last Friday evening. They’ve all enjoyed getting together for dinner at Creekside Restaurant at the end of their week.

Speaking of Creekside, we see Debbie Mulloney has an attractive, little gift shop set up. Stop by and check it out.

After his very first trip to the Creek, young Jadon Clifton, 11, talked his mom and dad, Jeanne and Mike, into getting Voita’s place. It’s the first spot upstream from the bridge. The Cliftons are out of Gilbert and we welcome them.


Memorial weekend is upon us and Arts, Crafts and Brats are on at the firehouse, Saturday. Silly Sally’s Murder and Mayhem book sale is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, May 25 at the old gas station. There will be entertainment at the Landmark Saturday evening.

Back in the day ...

Sitting around the campfire one evening, talk

turned to encounters with wildlife. Many of the wild animals in our area are nocturnal, quite elusive and seldom seen. Bobby Collins mentioned he saw his very first red fox down by the Village, just a few days prior.

A few years back, this fella was walking home from feeding a neighbor’s parrot. It was pitch black and there came a scream that you would remember for the rest of your life. It was just some mountain lion serving notice that he was watching and that the night belonged to him.

When Heber White built the big addition to the old Christopher Creek bar back in 1970, he stacked up railroad ties because that was what was available.

The interior of the railroad tie walls were then framed in with 2-by-4s, which allowed this little fella to pay a visit many years later. Peeking down from behind said wall, above a high, wide window was a huge pair of eyes, between some very large ears. This cute little guy was quite interested in what was going on inside and watched for quite a while. One can imagine what we all looked like ... upside down! It seems he had taken up residence in the rafters.

Well, after numerous such nocturnal visits and several episodes with the potato chip rack in the store at the other end of the building, this ringed-tail cat was, unfortunately, served his eviction notice ... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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