Fair Treatment With Letters; But News Coverage Is Slanted



Even though you and I obviously disagree on our political views, I feel that you have given both sides pretty fair treatment in your publication.

I would, however, ask you to do your “news” reporting in a more neutral tone, as “news” used to be facts uncolored by opinion, until the emergence of Walter Cronkite, and higher education leftist “journalism departments.”

Most low-information voters unfortunately still believe what they see on the leftist networks. They still believe the lies of Barack Obama, as they don’t see the treasonous scandals being exposed this week all over the Internet and FOX, on the Obama networks.

Your article regarding AHCCCS is indicative of what I mean. The entire article is slanted toward the expansion of this already bankrupt program to thousands more, mostly illegal immigrant, people with the Feds allegedly picking up the bill. Unfortunately, Obamacare will start reducing money to the state in year three, with the taxpayers of Arizona picking up the tab in year 10 for 100 percent of the billions of benefits awarded to those who will choose to rely on government handouts.

Brewer is a politician looking to advance her career, and is totally wrong on this issue. Barton, Crandell and Thorpe are citizen legislators looking out for the best interests of the people.

Dale Oestmann

Editor’s note: The law bars benefits for illegal immigrants and Gov. Brewer’s proposal would drop the added patients if the federal match goes below 80 percent. Is it the job of a reporter or an example of bias to point that out?


Donald Cline 3 years, 8 months ago

It is the job of a reporter to point that out; however, the point is moot: It is already guaranteed the federal match will go below 80 percent. We need to move away from depending on the federal government for everything; by doing so we gain the ability to require the federal government to obey the U.S. Constitution without fear of being cut off at the knees for doing so.


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 8 months ago

The GOV is totally wrong on this issue. She has most definitely been led astray by Hedley Lamar.


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