Hate Will Eat You Up



Thanks for being brave enough to ask this community for help. Obviously, we have a very diverse collection of both well-meaning and negative people. Although this country is proud of our freedom of speech, I believe many have misguided thinking of the true meaning. An opinion that results in what may become in-fighting, seriously has no place in a hometown paper. Therefore, an opinion is not an open forum for getting back at someone.

Personally, I enjoy a good discussion with others because we all have our stance on various issues over a cup of hot coffee. Some of your seemingly angry, agitated writers are busy at the computer vetting their distrust of practically everything. They need to paste and copy their rages and send those to themselves not the paper. I learned long ago the power of the word because I write. I learned carrying on about an issue while angry and quickly hitting the send button you are committed to your own repercussions.

Oldest story in the world — sow what you reap folks. Spew out hate and you will get it back 10 times over.

Please people, live happy, find something good to write. If you have a problem with that, then read the wonderful stories Pete writes for all of us.

Love is contagious. Hate on the other hand is like leprosy and will eat you up in time

Kay Lyon


Donald Cline 3 years, 7 months ago

"An opinion that results in what may become in-fighting, seriously has no place in a hometown paper." Really? Who is to say what opinion will result in infighting? Isn't that the old maxim used by agenda-driven apparatchniks to ensure only their opinions will be heard? I'm afraid the biggest problem our nation has with regard to free speech is those who would curtail on the grounds that it makes people angry. Well, here's a newsflash: If it doesn't make people angry, it doesn't make people think. And if they don't think, then the agenda-driven activists of totalitarian political ideologies will lead them around by the nose. That is exactly the kind of person Vladimir Lenin was talking about when he described his communist followers as "useful idiots."


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