What’S Up With Crandell?



What’s up with our Senator Chester Crandell who is supposed to represent the people of Gila County in the Arizona Legislature?

He votes against Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid expansion plan, which would benefit thousands of Gila County residents. What does he have against his own constituents? Our taxes pay for the insurance whether the expansion plan passes or not.

The bill is the only way to guarantee reasonable health care for thousands of our neighbors who are children, or single parents, or unemployed or disabled. According to Governor Brewer, it would provide jobs for thousands of people, and it would bring home Arizona taxpayer dollars that they sent to the federal government.

Then he makes us the laughing stock of the country by sponsoring SCR 1016, ridiculous legislation that would allow Arizona legislators to override and violate the U.S. Constitution and federal law based solely on the Legislature’s ideological whim.

We need legislators who are reasonable, constructive problem-solvers, and advocate for the needs of our neighbors and who do not play political or ideological games at the expense of taxpayers.

Raymond Spatti


Donald Cline 3 years, 7 months ago

You seem to focus all your vitriol on Chester Crandell, ignoring the fact that we have United States and Arizona Constitutions he is sworn to uphold and defend, and his job is not merely to represent the wants and needs of the people of Gila County; it is his job also to protect their liberties as guaranteed by those Constitutions. Perhaps you can explain to me where the federal government gets the money to expand Medicaid in Arizona? In fact, where does the federal government get the lawful authority to spend the taxpayer's money on medical services? Do you think it possible that the only "problem" with Chester Crandell is that he takes his oath of office seriously, unlike hundreds of other politicians whose ideology runs from the totally clueless to an anti-liberty Marxist regime? Quite frankly, Mr. Spatti, if we could get the federal and State governments to conduct their activities within the legal constraints of the federal and State Constitutions, we wouldn't need any Medicaid or Medicare or Social Security because what we earned would be ours, not governments'; we wouldn't be using worthless fiat currency the value of which decreases by tens of percent every month, and medical practitioners wouldn't have to answer to government and the insurance industry for every medical decision they make. Perhaps your arguments would enjoy greater respect if you supported what our nation was founded to protect instead of socialism and the totalitarian Marxist regime socialism lures us into.


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