A Cat’S Tale



I was drifting around the streets of Payson lost and alone. It is a hard life for feral cats like me. We are very territorial and usually hungry. One day I was attacked by another cat who bit me on my gluteus maximus leaving a nasty hole in my butt. It looked like I had been shot with a BB, which I hear some people do just for fun (How sad is that?). The wound got infected and looked really nasty. I wandered around in pain feeling hopeless and helpless. Then I got lucky and found a door open to a nice home. The humans noticed my injury and knew I needed to see a veterinarian. But they didn’t have the money to pay for my treatment. Then they thought about the Animal Welfare Thrift Shop at 434 S. Highway 87. They walked over and asked Penny, the manager of the shop, for help. Penny immediately came over, put me in her car, and took me to a very nice veterinarian. He cleaned my wound and put me on an antibiotic. My wound is now healing nicely, and the people whose house I went into decided to adopt me! I was named Warrior, even though my warrior days are over. Penny told my new people that they could apply for a grant to have me neutered, to prevent the birth of unwanted kittens. Also, I won’t have the urge to fight anymore. So, I just want to say thanks to all the people who run the shop, those who donate the nice items they sell, and all the people who buy things there. Thank you.

Warrior the Cat

(As dictated to Sue Bobek)


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