Dog Park Defended



This letter is in response to the letter about the off-leash dog park.

The Town of Payson was generous to offer the use of the property, which was developed into an off-leash dog park, with the understanding that PAWS would maintain the facility. Initially, PAWS raised the funds to construct the fencing. PAWS continues to purchase materials and supplies as needed, which enhances the enjoyment for the owners and their dogs.

Parks and Recreation sprays the park twice a year for weeds. Beyond that, those who use the facility make sure unwanted weeds are pulled on regular basis.

Dust and mud are a part of where we live. The dogs don’t care! You cannot control the elements. Grass requires a great deal of care. This care is expensive. It requires regular feeding, watering and cutting and the tools needed to accomplish these tasks. And of course, it needs to be organized by a willing group of volunteers.

Unfortunately, there have been rare occasions when dangerous glass and metals have been found at the dog park. However, as responsible and caring people, these items are removed immediately. As all of us know, dangerous materials can be found on trails, parks and in the neighborhoods. Therefore, we should be on the alert to protect our dogs and children while walking in any of these areas.

There was a concern stated about the lack of restrooms. For those who are comfortable using a port-a-potty, one is conveniently located outside the dog park gate and is cleaned weekly. There are also permanent restrooms located by the Rumsey 1 ball field, which are maintained daily.

The Payson Off-Leash Dog Park is a safe environment in which our dogs and their owners can socialize. It is spacious and has beautiful trees for shade in the summer. Water is provided for our thirsty dogs. There are tables, chairs and benches provided while owners enjoy watching their dog socialize.

Many out-of-state visitors have shared how delighted they were to find such a clean and friendly dog park during their travels. Some have stated they now plan future trips, which include stops at the Payson Off-Leash Dog Park.

After talking to Parks and Recreation, the new shaded ramada, which was donated by PetSmart, will be completed around the end of July.

Dorothy Howell


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