Fireflies In Need Of Volunteers

Genoa Stuyvesant, Shelby School administrator (left), presents a check for $500 to Theresa Meeker of the Fireflies.

Genoa Stuyvesant, Shelby School administrator (left), presents a check for $500 to Theresa Meeker of the Fireflies.


The big Memorial weekend is now behind us. Tonto Village was full to overflowing with part-time residents enjoying the cool weather and primping up their cabins for the summer. Some of the cabin owners were disappointed that the Blattner brush pit was not open. Many of the residents had to keep their piles of needles and brush residue for another time.

Double D party

The Double D Café and Bar was host to a beef barbecue dinner, live music by the Ron Gibson Band who played on the patio and the Hellsgate Fireflies with a bake sale, selling T-shirts and the cookbook, “Fireflies Can Cook.” The event was not the same without having a breakfast at the fire station, but the Fireflies lost their cook and the kitchen when Linda Stailey moved away.

The Fireflies have to rethink the events that can be handled by just a few of the Fireflies. A great big thank you to all the Fireflies who helped make the event a success. The Fireflies desperately need volunteers who will be willing to help out for the fund-raising events. Just call Janet at (928) 478-9935, Dara at (928) 478-0052 or Kara at (928) 478-0111.


There has been a person or persons who have broken into garages and homes for quite a while now. The last break-in happened to the Snyder family. The thief or thieves broke into the house and stole two weapons. A lady Smith & Wesson and a .357 was taken. The garage has been broken into and many tools have been taken. These thieves are slick, leaving the package and just taking the contents so that you don’t know when the robbery took place until you go looking for the item. We have lost thousands of dollars worth of tools and building supplies that can’t be replaced. A report has been made with the Sheriff’s Office.

The thieves are using a method called “Bumping” a lock, and there is no evidence of a break-in. If anyone in the Village has had tools or other items missing, please let the Sheriff’s Office know about it along with me and I will report it in my column.

I don’t think that Tonto Village is the only target, I understand that there are homes in Star Valley that have also been “hit.”

Shelby School

The Shelby School made a $500 contribution to the Fireflies at their Memorial Day fund-raiser for the Hellsgate Fire Department. Genoa Stuyvesant, Shelby School administrator, presented the check to one of the event’s organizers Theresa Meeker (pictured) and her fellow Fireflies Dara Sutton, past president and Kara Shaw, the club’s treasurer.

The Shelby School had a busy last week of school. Highlights included a paper airplane contest, a field day, a trip to the Valley to Amazing Jake’s, a full carnival, and commencement day — complete with certificates of achievement for every student and flowers and hats thrown into the air.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The administrative office at the Star Valley station will not be manned by Angela Lecher and Karen Carlen until June 10.

The new captain for the Hellsgate Fire Department will become part of the Hellsgate family on June 3. Tim Ballentyne and his wife Jess and their family will live in the Payson area. They previously made their home in the Valley. Welcome to the Hellsgate family, Tim and Jess.

Former Captain Cris Lecher has a new job with the Angel Med Flight paramedic flying ambulance service. Good luck to you Cris.

The Tonto Village Fire Station will again be manned by firefighter John Ceja starting June 3. John will be pulling 10-hour shifts and his days will be Tuesday through Friday. Welcome back John.

Certificates of longevity will be awarded to the following firefighters at the next board meeting on June 12: Chad Stluka, eight years; Bobbly Mollere, eight years; Bill Beller, seven years; Chief Gary Hatch, 31 years; and Martha Bartlett, 26 years. Congratulations to all of you for your dedication and loyalty to the fire department.

Get well wishes to longtime and dedicated fire board member Richard Pinkerton for his battle with cancer and taking the radiation treatments. Our prayers go with you Richard as you progress through this painful process.

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Jerry Farmer of Tonto Village I will celebrate his birthday on June 2. Jerry has been a longtime resident of the Village and he is a former store owner, and often had the coffee pot on for his patrons.

Marilyn Lamb of Kohl’s Ranch will add another candle to her birthday cake on June 6. Marilyn is a frequent player with the domino divas on Wednesday afternoons.

Happy anniversary to Duane and Janice Long of Long Ranch. They will celebrate 16 years of marriage. Happy anniversary to the both of you.


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