Political Corruption



The corruption in the IRS has once again come to the attention of the public. Those with a memory will recall how sensitive IRS documents of then-candidate Romney were leaked to the public in the recent election. Now we have the IRS directly attacking opponents of the administration, improperly bringing the awesome power of the government down on the heads of the people the government is supposed to protect. This is political corruption at its very essence.

The deep connection between so-called Obamacare and the corrupt IRS is gradually entering the public awareness. How can we be expected to trust our private medical information to an agency that has proven itself to be corrupt and unworthy of our trust? We cannot, indeed we should not.

The corrupt IRS is the enforcement arm of Obamacare. They already know all about your money and now they will know all about your most private medical information. What joy.

I wouldn’t trust the IRS as far as I could throw a stinking, reeking Donkey carcass.

Andy McKinney


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