P/S Now Ghost Towns?



Pine and Strawberry were established in 1879 by Mormon families. Proximity to water, β€œan oasis in a harsh land,” led to the development of the communities we have come to know and love today. Without this life-giving water from shallow wells and the natural spring that forms Pine Creek, these communities would not exist.

The rugged individualism of these early settlers continued to be manifested in those who continued to develop and expand Pine and Strawberry. Can, or will, the community join together in a concerted effort to save these communities from drying up and blowing away? Will they be placed on a list of Arizona ghost towns that once thrived as well? Is that the future for Pine and Strawberry? I do not know and only time will tell.

From the Scriptures and restated by Abraham Lincoln, β€œa house divided against itself cannot stand.” It is now the time for all of us to stand together as a community to participate and work hard along with the members of the PSWID board to solve our problem. To bring to the board at its meetings your ideas, your constructive input, not destructive criticism. The future of Pine and Strawberry is in the hands of all of us. Is failure an option? I hope not.

Paula Pristo


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 7 months ago

Did you know that there is gold in them there hills? Not only that but, iron, platinum, tungsten, copper, chromite, galena, pyrite, chalcopyrite, lead, silver, zinc, plus others. Also, amethyst, quartz, granite, fossils, peridot (only found in three places in the world), etc... The large mega mining companies go way back, they are very patient. Phel Dodge, owns much land below Globe, and build the res at Blue Ridge for mining purposes. The mega mines have already exploited much of the other precious deposits on the earth, and those places are becoming more difficult to exploit as people wake up.


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