Should Payson Sell Water?



I recently watched a huge tractor/trailer tanker truck filling up with water from a Payson town water hydrant behind our Home Depot store. I became suspicious as to why. A short reply from Town of Payson Water Department Mr. Buzz Walker to my e-mail inquiry advised that the Rio Verde Water Hauling Company, (located in northern Maricopa County) is approved and contracted to take Payson water for Mesa del. (No further explanation.) The water is delivered to Mesa del for its use. Keep in mind, Mesa del is a rural type community with many small ranch-type homes that have horses, cows, donkeys, llamas and agricultural growing crops.

How much of our current Payson water supply is being provided to Brooke Utilities on a monthly basis and how long has this been going on? What is Brooke Utilities paying for the water they take from the town of Payson? Is this appropriate when the citizens of Payson are constantly being asked to conserve their water consumption? No lawns allowed, swimming pools, etc. What part does this Brooke current water-use agreement have to do with the future Blue Ridge water pipeline water allocation deal? Does being neighborly mean depleting our current Payson town water resources so a privately-owned water for-profit utility company can raise its water use and hauling rates to supply its Mesa del customers?

Donald Evans

Editor’s note: Brooke Utilities buys water from Payson for Mesa del Caballo residents when the unincorporated subdivision’s wells drop in the summer. Brooke pays for the water and charges residents a hauling fee. The town has sold Brooke water for the past two or three summers. Ultimately, Mesa del will pay for water from Blue Ridge pipeline, since the treatment plant for the pipeline.


don evans 3 years, 7 months ago

Dear Roundup, After a long time of personaly checking around on various web sites and your newspaper archives, I have been able to determine an initial timeline for this subject back to early 2010. I and others are asking your newspaper to investigate and report your fact finding on this matter in a reasonable time frame. Something is just not passing the smell test in our opinion. There is no information that we can find that any Payson public input or discussion meeting was held by the Town Council or our Water Department heads. This is OUR public town municipal water from OUR current well supplies that is being sold to a for profit privately owned water utility. What is the summer water supply depletion rate for our needs because of this activity? How much of Payson public water has been transferred and sold to Brooke Utility Co. who is doing business in Mesa Del as "Payson Water Company Inc." Why would they use that name? How much water is being taken from the Payson fire hydrant located behind our Home Depot and out of normal public view on a weekly/monthly basis? Since 2010, I suspect the total will be in acre feet at this point, not gallons. How is this Rio Verde Water Co. truck tanker filling up monitored by Payson? Do we just take Brooke's word for the reporting of it? How often? What water purchase rate is Payson charging Brooke? Or is that confidential even though it's our public water supply being sold to them. Into which Town account is this water sale money placed and used? How much so far? You have reported in the past that Brooke has tripled their fees to it's Mesa Del customers in this water deal. They have applied for another rate increase pending with the ACC! Is this Payson public water sale to Brooke fair to Payson residents without their opportunity for input and full disclosure? Is it ethical?


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