Calm After Costume Storm

Another Week in the Creek


Christopher Creek has certainly calmed after the culmination of the costume celebrations.

We hit the peak of the fall color show late last week. The cloud cover has rolled in and the breezes of the last couple of days have brought the falling leaves. Borrowing from the Mamas and Papas 1960s hit, “All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray.”

Last Saturday even­ing, however, the weather was perfect but the Creek was a pretty


Cloie and Johnnie along with Saige and Savoi at the firehouse, ready for the hayride.

scary place to be. Late afternoon, the youngsters had their hot dogs and paraded their costumes in front of judges before loading up on the wagons for the Trick or Treat Hayride. There were some great costumes all around which made for some tough decisions by the CCHA Official Judging Committee.

Unofficially, there were 84 costumed children clamoring aboard when the time came to leave. The route through the Creek had many stops and the bounty was plentiful.

There were a number of campfire, cocktail and dinner parties around as the adults waited for the hay wagons to make their way. The final destination was the Piñata and Hot Chocolate Party on the patio at Creekside. Cooks and servers, drivers and helpers, judges and officers all deserve a big thumbs up for a great and safe Halloween experience for all the kids.

Later in the evening, there was a report that Buford Pusser, the law around here, had captured an escapee from the state mental hospital. Then Pusser was called to investigate a soliciting complaint, but when interviewing the Purveyor and the Product it was determined that he, Pusser, was already on the payroll and no charges were brought.

A can of Sprite was seen running around serving drinks and then we determined she was paired up with the guy in the huge Crown Royal bag. That was Samone and Josh. Brandi had her whole family dressed to the nines including Angel. Then there was some character that looked like he came right out of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves! These were among the 20 or so in costume for the evening and all were prize-winners in my book.

Bud Light John was master of ceremonies and DJ and did a masterful job with the costume parades and the judging. Sometime during the evening, he managed to play “Cattle Call” — an old Creek favorite. Was that Charlie Motley on the microphone, yodeling? The campfire out on the patio was the popular place for the evening as folks enjoyed each others’ insanity played out once each year at the Landmark Halloween Costume Party.

Let’s just get right to it ... mea culpa to the Highline hiker with Rhonda in a story last week. She is, of course, our own Judy Toole, or is it Thole, or maybe Tole. That other name must have been some Freudian thing and we hope Judy enjoyed putting me through the wringer this past week.

Dave and Rosemary gave Mimi’s house a new paint job this summer. Now, Mimi is getting a new metal roof and her place is going to be like brand new.

Two doors up from Mimi on Columbine is the Cronk home. Jim and his wife, Jenni, fell in love with Christopher Creek back in 1980, found the property and built a cabin in 1995. Jim is originally from Syracuse, N.Y. and retired as an Air Force major. Jim flew the F-4 in Vietnam and is credited with 480 combat missions. After retirement, Jim taught at the community college level and coached in the Phoenix Union High School District. He is a former commander of the Glendale DAV. He instituted the DAV scholarship program for student volunteers at the VA hospital in Phoenix. He was also instrumental in the establishment of the Transition Service Office at Luke AFB Retirement Personnel Office. We thank Jim for his service and his distinguished career. Oh, and by the way, James T. Cronk, Major, ret., was inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame last Friday.

We’re saddened to hear of the passing of Carol Hiscox. Carol and her husband have a place in Ponderosa Springs. Many will remember her as the baker at Creekside for several years.

The Flood Memorial folks met at Kohl’s Ranch last Sunday. Joining the committee was Jack Etter Jr. We also had a special guest — Imagine at 20 years of age being pulled from the rampage of floodwaters on Tonto Creek during the disaster of Labor Day 1970. Imagine seeing seven other family members swept away to their deaths. Now, imagine reliving that nearly every day for 43 years. Imagine the same nightmare over and over. That is what Heather Fuller shared with us at our Sunday meeting. Heather, to this day, would like to find out who it was that pulled her from the waters ... and that’s another week in Creek.


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