Wasted Money



I am asking the citizens of the United States to read and ask their elected representatives what in the world are they thinking.

I am a very proud mother of two United States Marines.

Outside of the supposed leak in misleading information the media posted everywhere about covers being changed. I think that the New York Post and the Fox network owes the citizens of this country and the United States Marine Corps an apology. But that is beside the issue.

My sons serve this country and they do it each and every day with honor. They are protecting us. It has come to my attention that not only are the veterans getting cuts to their benefits, but the active duty are losing as well. Tuition assistance is something that should never be cut from an active duty member. Give me a break. I am furious that my boys along with other branches and active personnel are losing this much-needed benefit.

So while the elected officials sleep well in their beds and are making more money that blows ones mind to fight and shut down this country for two weeks, our military struggles to make a dime. Yes they do get a check and they appreciate it, but do any of you know what they make? I can tell you that and it will drop your jaw. Not to mention what they have to pay out of their pockets.

I encourage anyone and everyone to ask their elected officials if they would be able to live on what the active duty young men and women live on.

Give back their benefits — all of them — the veterans and the active duty and take time to thank someone who has served us, their citizens, because most of us would not do what they have done and are doing.

Janna Cline


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