Democrats Trying To Crush The Navajo People



Nancy Pelosi is attacking the Navajo nation with a fury not seen for over a century. She and her Democrat Party allies have set their sights on the economic and social destruction of the Navajo nation.

Fifty percent of the economically active people on the Navajo reservation are unemployed. The nation participates in three interconnected operations that throw off over $100,000,000 for the Navajo people. These are the Kayenta coal mine, the Navajo generating station and the railroad that connects the two. Pelosi wants to close the generating station on utterly bogus environmental grounds.

She and her Democrat Party pals want to crush the economic life out of the Navajos. For her, Navajos shouldn’t be allowed to have high paying railroad, mining or power generating jobs. For her, food stamps and poverty are all the Navajo people can aspire to.

Fortunately, the Navajo coal miners are represented by the United Mine Workers of America. Perhaps the Democrat Party will not throw their allies in big labor under the bus in favor of their allies in the environmental whacko movement. Ninety-eight percent of the UMWA members at Kayenta are Navajo.

Save the Navajo. Stop the Democrat Party.

Andy McKinney


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