Mccain Continues The Rino Lies Against The Truth



1) The 17 percent “shutdown” of the most visible part of the federal government was engineered by Obama handler Valerie Jarrett, as a plan to win the 2014 election for Democrats by blaming Republicans for it, even though Obama is the one who said “I will not negotiate,” and caused the “shutdown.”

It is obvious to anyone paying attention that the “shutdown” was targeted by Obama to inflict the maximum amount of pain on the maximum number of Americans possible until the wannabe dictator gets his way.

In the previous 20 or so government shutdowns, none of these draconian measures happened. There was also no need for the shutdown, as the $2.7 trillion the government takes in every year is more than enough to pay the interest on the national debt and fund the military, Social Security and Medicare, as well as pay for all constitutionally required expenditures.

2) John McCain is lying about his opposition to the Obamacare disaster! In every cloture vote, McCain has voted for cloture, knowing that will give Harry Reid the ability to pass legislation with only 51 votes. John McCain has voted for this disaster every time.

Even though the Republicans only control the House of Representatives, all spending must originate there.

Under the Constitution, the House must pass a bill specifically authorizing all federal spending. All they have to do is refuse to pass a continuing resolution that continues to fund the government at Obama porkulus levels.

The House has already passed a budget every year, Reid refuses to let the Senate vote on it, and the RINOs cave and let the $1-plus-trillion deficit continue.

Unfortunately McCain apparently has co-opted Jeff Flake to abandon the conservative principles he was elected on.

On a related note, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, a few other congresspersons and senators, our four Republican representatives along with (state representative) Brenda Barton seem to be the only people in government that still believe in the Constitution!

This is a dangerous time for our country.

Dale Oestmann


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