Must Be Complicated


Well. Golly. Them darn computers. So complicated. What’s a poor county treasurer to do?

Property tax bills are a month late at least — with no firm prediction as to when all the bills will go out.

Poor Debora Savage this week told the Gila County Board of Supervisors she kinda saw this coming back in April, more or less. But not being a “computer person” she didn’t know for sure whether her shiny new software system could make sense of the existing records.

Now, you’d have thunk someone who wasn’t a computer person would have run a little simulation or something with the existing records back in oh, say, April — rather than waiting for the actual deadline and hoping for the best. But then, maybe you gotta be a computer person to know how a person who wasn’t a computer person would confirm something that a computer person told you. (Mighta had one too many computer persons in that sentence, but you get the drift.)

Anyhow, it’s all very complicated — especially for the fire protection districts who were counting on getting their money before they actually ran out of cash. Tough luck, guys. What can we tell you? It’s, like, complicated.

So Ms. Savage shrugged a little shrug in front of the perplexed board of supervisors this week explaining how it all came about. We kinda follered her. Well. Not really — except for the part about how complicated it all is for a non-computer person. She scratched her head and allowed as how she had all the property tax bills for the homeowners ready to go — but is still working on the pesky commercial tax bills. Gee, she asked, should she just send out what she’s got? Well, durn, said the supervisors. Might as well.

Now, we ain’t computer people, so this is one of them dumb questions, but don’t it seem like a little ol’ county like Gila ain’t got much use for an elected treasurer who don’t know nothing about computers? Heck, not sure we get the point of having an elected assessor and an elected sheriff come to think of it. Seems like a county with 54,000 residents can barely afford the upkeep on three county supervisors seeing as how they can’t even hold them other elected folks accountable. But, heck, that’s the way the clever folks in the Legislature set it all up. Ms. Savage says we’ll likely have the same problem next year. That’s worrisome. Maybe she should get help from them Obamacare folks. They got a lot of computers.

Still, if it’ll help — you can hang onto our property tax bills as long as you like, Ms. Savage. Truth be told, we just upgraded to Windows 7 or 8 or some such. Not sure when we can pay them anyhow. We’re sure you’ll understand.


dale kasl 3 years, 2 months ago

Nobody likes to pay Property taxes,but our fire districts need the money to operate.


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