Show A Little Respect



I have come to the conclusion that Walt Kelly, the creator of the comic strip Pogo was way ahead of his time. Thirty years ago, one of his daily comic strips ended with the caption “I have seen the enemy, and he is us.”

The rhetoric of our leaders of all parties are totally out of control. Where have we gone off course?

My late father worked in municipal government in three towns for more than 25 years. Before he passed away he said that when he started officials talked about why you should, would, or could do something. By the time he retired in 1980 as a manager of a town in Massachusetts, they instead talked about why they shouldn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t do something.

We have become so polarized that nothing is being accomplished for the good of the country. Just the opposite of what we need. Our “leaders’” sound bites totally slam the opposition’s beliefs, insisting and that the only way is my way!

Last week’s Roundup editorial discussion the sentencing of our former Representative Rick Renzi used the term scumbag. I totally agree Mr. Renzi is now a disgraced person and totally deserving of being excoriated for his shameful actions.

But I would like to point out to the Roundup editor that even the New York Times, one of the most liberal papers in the U.S., referred to George Bush as Mr. Bush. I think we should show a little respect for all of our elected and appointed officials and their office. Not with the term used in the editorial. This should apply for all of us, citizens and officeholders alike.

A few weeks back one of our elected representative (Arizona House Rep. Brenda Barton) referred to our president’s policies as being like that failed social experiment in Germany during the 1930s through 1945. There is no need for any analogies like this from any of our political parties. I fail to understand why we have to brand our opponents with vulgar, coarse comments that are way over the top.

David J. Bamber


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