Marching Band Misses State Goal

PHS students deliver goosebump-producing performance at band festival in Gilbert



The PHS Marching Band watches drum major Brett Royer carefully as he prepares them for the next movement of their show “The Forge.”


Drum major Brett Royer puts on his serious face before the awards ceremony at the ABODA State Marching Band Festival in Gilbert.

As the sun set, the Payson High School (PHS) Marching Band settled into position on Williams Field in Gilbert during the Nov. 2 ABODA State Marching Band Festival.

And then they started to play.

Unlike early in the season when the voices of chatty PHS football fans could overpower the sound of the music, the rich sound that emanated from the horns, woodwinds and drums confidently washed over the crowd.

As they moved through the program, the crowd cheered and hooted in support.

It was a goosebump-producing performance.

Alas, although the PHS Marching Band put heart and soul into its show, the band fell just short of the points needed to move to the championships.

“The kids performed strongly and worked very hard to get to the competition,” said Sergio Beraun, the band director, “We did fall short of our goal of making state championships, but I am extremely proud of the students.”

And with the positive spirit that buoys the band through hours of practice and conditioning, junior drum major Molly Beier sent a message of congratulations to her fellow bandmates, “So I was practicing my concert music, and I started thinking about yesterday’s performance. Guys, we played our hearts out. We literally put in blood, sweat and tears into our show. We gave it our all. We just fell a little short.

“So no more sad feelings and poopy faces, OK? Smile. Be excited for next season! It’ll be amazing. And just from watching the band grow this year, I am super excited for next year — but for right now, let’s kick butt in concert season. And one last thing. As your Junior Drum Major, I can say that we’re going to be the best. I love each and every one of you. Throw down.”

So watch for the band next year.

It will be Beraun’s second year.

Beier has trained to be drum major for two years.

And the band knows the new marching style and is ready for the challenge of doing better.


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