The Facts About Executive Orders



These are facts — Since 1945, these are the number of executive orders issued by each president during their tenure: Harry S. Truman, 907; Dwight Eisenhower, 484; John F. Kennedy, 214; Lyndon Johnson, 325; Richard Nixon, 346; Gerald Ford, 169; Jimmy Carter, 320; Ronald Reagan, 381; George H. Bush, 166; Bill Clinton, 364; George W. Bush, 291; Barack Obama, 163.

President John F. Kennedy issued the following executive orders: #10990 (Feb. 2, 1962 – re-establishes the Federal Safety Council), #1097, #10998, #11000, #11001 and #11004 (Feb. 16, 1962 – emergency preparedness functions – this was during the embargo of Cuba), #11051 (Sept. 27, 1962 – prescribes responsibilities of the Office of Emergency Planning in the Executive Office of the President – on Sept. 2, 1962 the Soviet Union agreed to send arms to Cuba).

A total of 13,651 executive orders have been issued by all combined presidents since George Washington, who issued eight during his presidency.

Sadly, it seems like a total waste of good money to purchase an ad in the Roundup that makes absolutely no sense and is a complete and total fabrication.

Kathy Morgan


don evans 3 years, 2 months ago

Sounds just like the Obama Affordable Health Care Act, doesn't it? "You can keep your current Insurance policy, PERIOD".


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