Paying Our Fair Share



In the ongoing debate of net metering, APS keeps raising the issue that those with solar do not pay their fair share of the costs of the grid.

My system has generated over 100,000 pounds of greenhouse credits, which APS has taken. Without these credits, under the Cap & Trade program of the EPA, APS would have to buy credits to offset their pollution.

These credits, according to the EPA are valued in excess of $14,800 under the Cap & Trade program. I believe that would cover my share of the cost of the grid for many years to come.

APS must be accountable for all the costs and value of the benefits of solar. So, those of us with solar pay more than our fair share.

Alan Kline


don evans 3 years, 2 months ago

And we help support the Chinese Govt. buy purchasing and displaying their manufactured ugly solar panels on our roof tops and public school yards.


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