Residents Have Chance To Dispose Of Leaves, Etc.


Christopher Creek Dumpster Days are here again. There will be a parade, marching bands ... oh, wait, there won’t be any of that stuff. But, there is going to be a roll-off trash container stationed at the east parking area of the Landmark. The rules are: leaves, needles and small limbs only. No plastic bags and no other trash are allowed. This annual service is provided by the CCHA in cooperation with Gila County. The fee is a quarter for each bag. Pick-up Saturday is tomorrow, and you should call Chuck at (602) 478-7000 or Gary at (480) 839-3542 should you need assistance. The Dumpster is here today through Monday, so don’t leaf it go or you may be needled ... sorry.

The crew spent last Saturday morning putting up the lights and the figurines along the Loop. Thank you to Chuck and Irma for a fine job of leading, resulting in completing the task in near record time. The workers included the usual suspects: Karen S, Karen T, Judy, Charles, Gary, Marge, Larry, JJ, and yours truly. The gals provided chili for lunch afterward and all three pots were great. Lights go on Thanksgiving, Nov. 28.

Charles Motley, 20, grew up here in Rim Country. He put off his ambition to be a cowboy and joined the United States Air Force. Last week his dad, Charley Motley, from out at Whispering Hope Ranch, traveled to San Antonio, Texas to attend a graduation ceremony at the 666 Flight School at Lackland AFB. Young Charles was named as an Honor Grad and thus was a standard bearer at the dress parade. Dad said, “He’s so tall, he stood half a head taller than the rest of them, and, man, he was so handsome.” The proud father also tells us that Charles is now headed to communications school at Kessler AFB in Mississippi.

Once in a while we run into some folks from Payson who come to the Creek needing a change of pace or to broaden their horizons. Such was the case Saturday evening at the Landmark where we met Wayne and Deborah Morris, along with younger brother R.J. and Karly. The Morris family purchased Chitwood’s Cabinets, a Payson company, a couple years ago. The company has had several installations here in the area recently, including two residences down on Columbine Road. We hope they enjoyed dinner and some fireside conversation and return soon.

Makensie Marie is the name of Gary and Cindi’s first granddaughter, arriving last Tuesday. Barbara did all the work and Chad is the proud father. Shannon’s turn is next.

A couple of Creek regulars have made a bit of news this past weekend. Scott Opido and Pat White are both residents in CCMHP ... practically next door neighbors. They took a little ride over the Chamberlain Trail to Young last Saturday for lunch and came home engaged! Must have been some trip, but not like one earlier this summer. One evening, Scott drove Pat to dinner at Creekside in his golf cart. On the way home, they turned onto the Loop out of the parking lot where Pat tipped over and did a header on to the pavement. The facial lacerations and bruises have healed, leaving just that one little scar. The severely damaged shoulder is coming along fine. How’s that for a shaky start to a budding romance. Now they’re off to Hawaii with Scott and Marilyn Tice. We hope they’ll be more careful! Our best to the couple who promised they are going to do the ceremony in the Creek ... where else?

Mimi is settled in with for the winter down in the Valley with her daughter, Rosemary ... oh, and Dave, too. We know the kids will take good care of her and we look forward to her return come spring.

Greg Kuntz brings us news that his mother, Jane, passed away Nov. 18 in Costa Mesa, Calif. She and husband Bob had a place on Columbine Road just east of the homestead. She was born Oct. 17, 1922 in Bourbon, Ind. They absolutely loved the Creek and spent many years here from May to September. They never missed bingo down at the firehouse and were part of the domino group.

Before we wrap this up, we should address the rest of the year’s calendar of events. First of all, the Landmark will again host the Thanksgiving Community Potluck on Nov. 28. Later in the day CCHA will Light Up the Loop.

Saturday is the Christmas tree decorating party.

Dec. 14 is the annual Children’s Christmas Party at the fire station and the arrival of that Jolly Ol’ Elf. Remember to bring two or three cans of food for the boxes.

Later in the evening, at 6 p.m., folks will gather for the Christopher Creek Carts and Quads Electric Light Parade. Last year it snowed about six inches for the parade, but fear not, there’s hot chocolate or hot toddies at the Landmark post parade gathering.

And remember, well-behaved women rarely make history ... and that’s another week in the Creek!


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