Solar Panels Coming To Town Hall

Support beams are in place and solar panels will be going up soon over the town hall parking lot.

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Support beams are in place and solar panels will be going up soon over the town hall parking lot.


The Payson Town Council has approved a new ceiling, not of the debt variety, but solar panels over town hall’s parking lot.

Work on the project started in mid-October and should wrap up at the end of the year, said LaRon Garrett, assistant town manager.

That is causing a few headaches for staff and visitors, though, who have had to park across the street or in a vacant lot to the east as crews installed pilings in the center of the lot.

Sun Renew crews have the support beams in and should start installing the panels soon, Garrett said.

Half of the parking lot will be reopened while crews install the panels on one side of the lot. They’ll then close that side and put the other set of panels up.

Despite a few minor hiccups, the project is running on schedule, Garrett said.

The town is paying nothing for the project, with Sun Renew covering all costs. Work also includes installing solar panels on the roof of the Main Street fire station.

The town will pay Sun Renew for power generated by the panels, which is a small cost savings over traditional power, Garrett said.

Besides town hall, Sun Renew has installed solar panels at Payson First Church of the Nazarene off Tyler Parkway.


Pat Randall 3 years, 1 month ago

Who pays for the next set of solar panels when these wear out in 19 to 25 years? Will that company still be around after they are paid off?
All the rest of us will be paying higher APS bills to make up for their losses.


Pat Randall 2 years, 11 months ago

Doesn't anyone think or care about how much money this is going to cost us, the homeowners to use APS? Solar for the town looks like the poles and ropes fiasco at the high school. APS has already raised their prices and when they lose the town money it will come directly out of our pockets by raising our rates more. Who is going to pay for upkeep and repairs from people running into the pilings that hold up the panels and for the solar panels that get broken? Will the panels generate enough elec. to run all the equipment at town hall, or will they still be paying a bill to APS too? My Dec. bill was $100.00 more than Nov. It wasn't that much colder. Two old women and a small dog don't use much elec. in a small house. Water heater and kitchen range is gas.


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