Holiday Celebrations Arrive With First Snow

Another Week in the Creek


Christopher Creek received five inches of moisture out of last weekend’s storm event, some of which came as three inches of wet snow. Margo shared her gauge totals with me and we jived pretty closely. The rain started around nine Thursday evening and continued without interruption until four Saturday morning.

You would know this if you had listened to rain on your metal roof for 30 hours ... and then a deafening silence. You get up and peak out the window and realize it’s too dark to see and you go to the front door and turn on the porch light. Oh, oh ... your suspicions are confirmed as you see a blanket of white on the vehicle and trees. The ground is still warm, but by daylight the snow is sticking and all is white. The first snow of the season arrived at the Creek a week before Thanksgiving.

By the way, last Thursday was the day that there was a blurb on the Twitter feed from NOAA’s National Weather Service about their long range forecast. Checking that out, you find that they are calling for a warm and dry winter for the Southwest. Maybe it’s a good thing we got this bunch of rain before that forecast kicks in.

The upshot of this past weekend’s rain event is the total annual moisture average here in the Creek was shattered. January’s five-inch rain coupled with five inches in November accounted for nearly 40 percent of our average. The first six-month total was 7.8 inches. Then Leo kept records of the monsoon rains, which totaled 15.5 inches. With this last weekend’s total, the annual accumulation is at 28.3 inches with December to go. The average is about 25 inches. Hey, enough already, you say ... but this is what you get from a self-confessed “weather guy.”

The Christmas lights decorating the Loop were turned on last night after the Thanksgiving community potluck dinner.

A big shout out goes to my favorite egg lady Patty Hostee, Sonni Hunt and Karen Thornton, who, along with yours truly, did the turkey roasting for the event. And, of course, thanks to all for the side dishes which made for a fabulous feast. The biggest thank you goes to our Landmark hosts. The Christmas tree is up at the Landmark and a handsome tree it is. Right, Dean? Bring your personal ornaments tomorrow and help finish off the decorating.

When Patty delivered eggs on Monday, there was an urge to mix up some homemade eggnog with those fresh cackle berries. It’s was simple: couple eggs, beaten; couple cups cold milk; couple tablespoons of sugar; pinch of salt; teaspoon of vanilla; skosh of nutmeg and mix well. Gooood stuff. Now, don’t get the idea we’re reduced to doing recipes here.

Santa’s elves have been named for the Kids’ Christmas Party at the CKFD firehouse at 2 p.m. Dec. 14. They are Mallory and Morgan Clifton who are the granddaughters of John and Donna Buchholz out at Ponderosa Springs. Everybody will bring their three cans of food for the boxes that get decorated. And then, if everybody is good, Santa will make his annual appearance. Having known the ol’ fella for years, he tells me he normally has to park his sleigh on top of the Rim and hike down to the Creek. There is usually more snow up on top, you see. That’s why we seldom see Santa’s sleigh. But this year could be different and if there’s just enough magic in the air, we just may see that sleigh sometime on Saturday!

Then remember the big Christopher Creek Christmas Carts and Quads Electric Light Parade at 6 p.m. — also on Dec. 14. Get your ride gussied up and join the party. You may even get to see the return of the electric outhouse. Oh, that’s right; it was billed as the Gingerbread House. When the parade winds up at the Landmark, Bud Light John will be doing the tunes and will surely have some Christmas songs in his mix. G-Dub has found some cool, 3-D style glasses that will astound you with a different look for all the lights.

Wow, what a weekend this past one for Arizona football fans! NAU won! That went unnoticed, of course, with the huge stories about ASU’s capturing the PAC-12 South title and U of A’s thumping of fifth-ranked Oregon. Tomorrow’s meeting is certainly going to be a barnburner! Almost hidden in the weekend’s story lines, Rich Rodrigues, coach of the U of A Wildcats, announced that he will only dress half of his squad for the Territorial Cup match-up with the ASU Sun Devils tomorrow evening! Sources close to the Mildcats say that the rest of the team will, of course, dress themselves. Go, Devils!

... and that’s another week in the Creek.


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