Missing Something


Must be missing something.

But more and more these days, we end up kind of scratching our heads and feeling slow.

Still, it’s nagging at us.

It’s the Christmas tree thing.

Every year about this time, the U.S. Forest Service announces with some fanfare that all us common folk can come on down and get a nice little $15 permit to go out and cut a live Christmas tree out there on the vast ramble of public lands.

And that’s cool. We’re, like, grateful.

Hurry though — it’s one to the family, two permits needed for anything over 10 feet — and they run out of permits early.

Joy to the World, Deck the Halls and all that.

Now, we know we ought to be grateful and not mumble and just line up for our little tree — assuming we can get organized before the permits run out. And honest, we’re fixing to do just that, as soon as we finish another story about the Four Forests Restoration Initiative, intended to save us all by thinning the forests and preventing the next crown fire from sweeping out of the tree thickets and swallowing up everything we’ve built.

Forest used to have about 50 trees per acre. Now it’s got more like 1,000. So the Forest Service is trying to sweet talk loggers into going out there and cutting down those millions of scraggly little trees. Forest Service is offering the loggers all the wood they can cut, pretty much for free. Turns out, they got so many of those pesky little trees that everything’s drying out, getting eaten by beetles and just generally falling apart.

You know — the little trees — Christmas tree-sized.

See what we mean?

We just must be missing something.


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years, 1 month ago

Serious question here: Can you use a Ponderosa Pine as a Christmas tree or are you talking about some other kind of tree?


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