Too Many Drug And Alcohol Tragedies



Wake up, Payson!

I graduated from Payson High School in 1998. When in high school I remember being shocked and saddened when a student in my P.E. class committed suicide. Like many who do, there were no warning signs that we noticed, everything seemed fine.

I am writing this today because there is a drug epidemic in Payson, warning signs are and have been everywhere, but it has just become worse over the years. In the last two weeks, two Payson High grads have died from heroin overdoses (that we know of).

Out of just my small clique from high school, five people have died from drug/alcohol related incidents or suicide.

I have lost count now of how many young people I knew from Payson who are dead now or are on their way there because of what used to be a meth problem and has now blossomed into a heroin one.

I don’t know what the solution is, but I know that the parents, town, school and church leaders need to open their eyes to it.

For a town of this size — that is such a fine place to live — it is not normal and it is a tragedy that so many young lives are being wasted.

Josh Blaich


H. Wm. Rhea III 3 years, 1 month ago

We pour so much money into DARE and other programs and it nothing changes. Perhaps the real, hard truth is that many people are just going to find something to use, so maybe we should stop fighting it and just realize that they re going to die when they do. You can't separate consequences from action!


joshblaich 3 years, 1 month ago

I think our public school system proves that that throwing more money at problems does not fix them. Ignoring them does nothing either. As Libertarian as I am in my views, letting young people just die doesn't seem like an ok solution to me. Maybe it doesn't feel like it affects you personally because you don't know anyone with a problem or anyone that is dead from one, I don't know, but you don't need to for it to affect you. They can't hold a job affecting the town's unempolyment rate. People commit crimes to support their habits filling up jails spending taxpayer $ to support them. They break into homes (affecting the homeowner and police having to respond), rob businesses (affecting business owers and their employees, the police, and eventually patrons because of higher prices to compensate for thefts), and drive under the influence, putting everyone in harm's way. When they leave because they can't handle being a parent or die like my friend just did, they can leave a 2 year old with no parent, changing the course of that child's life for the worse for the rest of their life and changing how that person interacts with the world forever.

You don't have to throw $ at the problem, the town, starting with parents and families, need to wake up and open their eyes to what is going on. Every parent thinks it's just Payson, a safe, small town, and that it's not their kid, I know mine did. They were wrong. Churches there don't look outside their congregations enough to see the rest of the town that is hurting under the surface. Just open your eyes and start talking to each other. That's where it starts.


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