Voters Should Not Tolerate ‘Business As Usual’



The behavior of our United States Senators and House members is reprehensible. Be they Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conserva­tives or “Tea Party” people, they collectively forget that they represent all of us, not simply their narrow band of supporters.

There will come a time somewhere in the future that Republicans will control the Senate and/or the presidency. Should we expect the same behavior from the “minority” members of Democrats in the House that the GOP House members are currently exhibiting? The GOP’s obstructionist behavior and say no to almost anything tactic stymies progress that needs to be made in our country in health, education, homeland security and national defense.

Since when is it politically advantageous to disagree with a duly elected president and Senate to sabotage legislation because you failed once again to win in an election?

Cooler, more mature, and intelligent heads need to prevail in Washington, D.C. in order to prevent us from lurching from domestic crisis to crisis and to stop us from falling over the financial abyss.

If moderate members of both parties are unable or unwilling to cooperate and compromise for the overall good of our country, what are independent-minded voters left to do?

Since current members of Congress seem to be incapable of moving forward from their respective intransigent positions, we the voters need to make a bold statement by voting against every incumbent lawmaker in Congress until they understand that we will not tolerate “business as usual” in our nation’s capitol!

Richard K. Meszar


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